I Want My Own Home Business Online – Where to Start?

People are drawn into the magical image of building a home business online. Why shouldn’t they? People are making millions online. I want my share of that easy money; I need more income. Those are great motivators, however there are many likenesses to regular main street business operations and many home business online operational differences. But there is one thing at stands out and is common with all businesses. I will share a few of these with you today.

Business Attitude – this is either a business or it is a hobby.

First, Business you must take the actions, behavior and mind set to take this serious and set aside time, effort and money to build your business.

Second, Hobby there is nothing wrong with having a hobby and enjoying the effort. The biggest difference between is that with a business you need to see a profit in a set amount of time effort and money spent. Hobby you simply do not have any of those pressures and demands this is just for fun and enjoyment. There have been many hobbies that have become a person’s main source of income and life’s work. At this point one must chose between a formal business or a part time hobby.

Steps You Need to Take to Start a Formal Home Business Online.

1. Have you made a business plan? This can be a simple plan typed on you computer just for your purposes. This not a lender type major business plan this is for your use. Lay out what you need to do and where you want to go in the short period i.e. month, quarter, semi annual and annual and the long range one, two, five year. This plan is for your use and you can change it any time you wish. Why is this so important?

First, this will help you to focus on what you need to get done step by step.

Second, you can see what you need to build this business.

Third, it gives you a road map to follow once you start down this road, this may help you to get back on track if you get lost.

Final, this plan will remind later what you were thinking and did you accomplish everything you wanted. This is a great look back tool just for you by you.

2. What should be in a business plan? What do I want to accomplish. Put this in a 1or 2-page article just lay out in simple terms what it is that you want to do online sell, membership, advertise etc.

What do I know and what do I need to learn. This is also a simple 1or 2-page document describing where you are at with your knowledge.

What tools do I need? Every business has tools if you repair cars you need the tools, if you are a furnace repairman you need those tools, if you are a surgeon you need those tools. The internet is no different you have to have those tools.

Administration, this is how is your business structured, sole proprietor, corporation. Tax structure personal or a business. Bank accounts – don’t commingle this new business money with your personal account. Even if you plan to transfer that money to your personal account you have clear records that you may need later and this will make it so much easier to see and understand. Open separate checking account.

Three Points – of having a home business online;

1. Set up is much less expense than a main street business.

2. You set your own schedule – therefore you must set a clear working time and stick to it.

3. Focus, this may sound simple but I seen more people that do not success because they cannot focus. Jumping from one idea to another, taking to much time off, not taking to time to learn how to use the tools and how to do an operational task.

Conclusion – To succeed you need to run your business not allow it to run you. This is a job, it does take work and effort. It is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” you have to apply time and effort, but when you are making money you know how you got there and how to do more much easier the second time around. Learn how to do the things that run your business like simple web design and how to drive traffic, build your own product. When you have started making money you can outsource the work. First do it yourself it’s cheaper and when you do hire someone you know what their doing, what you are doing and what you want them to do for you. We teach old dogs new tricks and a few young dogs as well.

Good Luck

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