Spending on SEO Services: How Much Should You Spend for It?

With the essence websites have on a majority of business owners today, it is important to decide how much should you be spending on SEO services. What is affordable SEO and what is over the top? With the growing competition in e-commerce, it is important to invest in SEO services that can give you the best visibility at all times.
While ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ are subjective, it is important to know the payment methods SEO companies offer in general. A common SEO payment model is a monthly retainer. Optimisation activities include regular analytics reports, on-site content improvement, keyword research, article and press release submissions and blog & forum commenting.

There are also contract services that prospective clients can get and pay for at a fixed price. Firms advertise their services and their service packages on their respective website along with the prices. A common practice of SEO companies is to provide their clients with a complete website audit, which provides insight on the current strengths and weaknesses of a website. This website audit also includes recommendations that the SEO company can offer should the prospective client continue with the business engagement. Aside from service packages, custom SEO packages can also be sought after from SEO agencies as contract services.

Actual figures on SEO services vary due to different factors. Clients pay for SEO services depending on the size of their website, the kinds of optimisation activities they want to focus their money on and the extent of the services they want for their website. From a survey conducted by SEOmoz in 2011, monthly SEO retainer fees fall between the range of 750 to 5,000 dollars per month. For contract services, the prices are varied. For instance, content marketing can cost 15 cents to half a dollar per word and set up of social media accounts can cost anything within 300 to 1,000 dollars. Also, hourly consultancy rates fall within the range of 100 to 300 dollars per hour.

Be careful of certain marketing tactics when looking for an SEO company. When a company guarantees you first place on Google results, take it with a grain of salt. With the constant changes occurring in the search landscape, nothing can ever be guaranteed except maybe for continuously implementing up-to-date SEO activities and tactics. Just as placement on search cannot be guaranteed, there really is no such thing as instant results either in good SEO. It can take a while for SEO services to bear fruit. Most firms that promise instant SEO results are those that may still be tied to black hat practices that are flagged down immediately by Google once detected. Be careful too about the kind of link building practices a firm is specifically engaged in. Make sure that they only follow ethical and trustworthy link building practices.

At the end of the day, the need for SEO is present. The only contention now is how much should you spend for it. Online marketing revenue is important and it starts by choosing the SEO company to invest in.

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